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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Nathalie Villeneuve.

Nathalie and I first connected on Facebook through some mutual friends. Her skills for video marketing we great and her presence on camera was so authentic and enthusiastic.

Our true connection came when we met at Diane Hochman’s Instant Marketing Professional Event in March 2011 in Hartford CT. It was there that we got time to sit with each other and share our true passions and build a foundation for our friendship.

She is a wife to her wonderful husband Hugh, and has 2 amazing children. Although the path on the journey towards her dreams has taken her on a few twists and turns along the way with some distractions that interrupted things, she has always known deep down inside who she was and what she was born to do.

Please join me in celebrating Nathalie as she shares her love, passion, and dream with us today.

The GREAT Nathalie Villeneuve – Share Your DREAM Friday

You Cannot Live A Dream That Is Not YOUR Own

California Colors

The red carpet was as luscious and shinny and there were beautiful tropical plants all along the crimson red pathway leading to the entrance of what seemed to be a Palace. There were little gates surrounding the guarded red area where busy photographers held their cameras ready to capture images of the stars coming out of their fancy cars. I was thinking; “Why did I wear cowboy boots? Oh! How is my hair? What if there was lipstick on my teeth”? Then…a voice snapped me out of my silly thoughts; one of the photographers was yelling “Patrick! Patrick! Look over here! What is going to be your next movie Patrick? How is your Dad? How is Farrah, are they going to be here tonight”?

But wait! You might be saying. What were you doing on that red carpet anyway Nathalie? LOL

I lived in California and dated the son of a famous movie star. I hung out with many well-known actors, musicians and celebrities. I attended parties where I had the opportunity to chat with the people you see on the big screen, Vanity Fair and Star magazine. My red carpet moment with Patrick that night happened because Patrick’s Mom was sick and she gave us her tickets to a charity Gala in Hollywood. (Liza Minnelli was performing for the charity). When we arrived there, we saw a scene straight out of the Grammys…but really, it was never “My Red carpet moment”. I thought I was living a dream life out there in California but I was truly happy …only when I was painting…so I painted a lot!

One night, we invited Farrah and Patrick’s father, Ryan O’Neal for dinner. I made my famous salmon pie! Thankfully, it was a success. At one point during the evening, as I poured Farrah another glass of wine, I sat next to her, and we started a conversation about life and the things we love to do. I admired Farrah Fawcett very much and that night, she said something to me I will always remember. She said, “My two passions in life are cooking and painting. If I could, I would stay home all the time, burry myself in my kitchen and cook for my family all day long. She added;” I’d much rather be painting then going out all the time and my dream is to become a really great artist (painter)”. A light went on in my heart because I understood her message. It was not so much the words but the way she spoke these words to me that touched me and changed the course of my life. At first, I thought she was joking but she was not. It’s funny but after that night I remember being really proud of who I was and I started to paint even more!

A Dreamy Message

Farrah’s message was clear. She was telling me that you cannot live a dream that is not YOUR own. I found out that night that acting was not her passion and that we shared the same love for art. That message resonates with me still today.

Not too long after, I left California… I realized that I was not in an authentic relationship and that I was living a very superficial life…fun but superficial nonetheless. I left many of my paintings in California…My destiny was to meet my husband Hugh, and we now have two beautifully dreamy children.

I told you this story because it aligns with the thoughts people have about looking at successful people and say, Oh! She or He must really be living their dream! Look at the cars, the house on the beach, the glamorous clothes and the red carpet! I use to think that way…but not anymore.

The Source of My Dream

Our dreams are a state of mind! As we continuously grow and re-align ourselves, we tweak our dreams a little every day. We consciously or subconsciously work at redefining and perfecting our vision and our dreams

My dream now is to set the stage for people to share their connection stories with others and I use my blog as a medium to create a beautiful “Tree of Authentic Connections” where friendships, relationships and partnerships are born every day. These new connections ARE at the origin of new dreams being born and at the origin of a strong and empowered community.

I will continue to add color, love, belief, knowledge, happy moments and faith to my dream everyday because I trust that when I reach it…I will know… and I will sign MY name upon it.

Nathalie Villeneuve
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Thanks so much Nathalie, for sharing your heart and dream with us today.

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