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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Krista-Lynn Landolfi.

What a blessing this community and movement of special guest dreamers has been. It is through this that I had the great pleasure of meeting Krista-Lynn on Facebook a few months back when Special Guest Dreamer Alumnus The GREAT Monick Halm Shared Her DREAM with us here on Share Your DREAM Friday. I am so grateful for all the amazing people who I meet.

Krista-Lynn Landolfi is the founder of the Soul School & Lightworker Academy™ and has devoted her life to understanding and mastering how to transcend the human ego, and fully awaken the Soul; inspiring others to step out of the ordinary, and experience The Audacity of Awesomeness™. As a Master Life Coach Krista-Lynn helps people connect with their Super Self – the best of their being – and step into their ULTIMATE REALITY – the best their life can possibly be.

She has undergone a total metamorphosis on her life journey from – “Once upon a time I couldn’t leave the house, and I didn’t want to live…” – to – “Now I am traveling the world, living God’s dream for my life” – and she’s happier than she ever imagined possible! Live in your JOY!

Please join me in celebrating Krista-Lynn as she shares her passion, love, and dream with us today.

The GREAT Krista-Lynn Landolfi – Share Your DREAM Friday

Martin Luther King Jr. made famous the phrase “I have a dream”. His passion for creating this dream, and his willingness to follow through, no matter what, is why so many of us admire him. He is one of my heroes. Truly, he was a man greater than most.

I myself, while devoted, have not yet found the level of faith held by MLK. While I am wholeheartedly devoted, the pursuit of my dream has been defined by stops and starts. I’ve given my all, yet fallen on my face. I suppose in some ways you could say I have failed to actualize my dream, but like another hero of mine, Thomas Edison, I keep trying.

It’s said that before inventing the light bulb Thomas Edison “failed” more than 10,000 times. While I certainly hope my trial and error period is not nearly as long, I suspect that until my last breath I shall remain striving, trying, hoping and doing whatever I can to bring to life my dreams. For me, to dream – which is having hope for something more than what appears possible on the surface – gives my life great meaning. The fact that I try at all makes me a success.

My dream is twofold; the first aspect has always been simply to be the best ME that I can be. Simple does not mean easy. My intention to actualize my highest potential is met with the reality that I must transcend all that is less than great about me (to put it nicely). It has been, and will be a lifetime journey! I am an evolving being, always bettering my best, and rising from the ashes of my former ‘not so best me’ versions of self.

The very tangible aspect of my dream is . . . well, why don’t you click “play” on the video to find out. I promise you this – it is incredibly juicy! My dream includes philanthropy, humanitarianism, inspiration, spirituality and fashion. Have I piqued your interest?? Come on, you must be intrigued. OK, to fully stimulate your desire to know I’ll give you one more glimpse before you get to the video, and that is my motto: “God sent me, and I am going to act like it!” Watch my video to see what this earth angel is all about.

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Thanks so much Krista-Lynn, for sharing your passion and dream with us today.

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