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Share Your DREAM Friday!

This weeks Special Guest Dreamer is my new friend Mandee Widrick.

I have gotten to know Mandee around on Facebook over the past few months as her videos appeared on my home feed. Each one has added new thought and inspiration to my life.

If you have not connected with her yet, you can find her here on Facebook.

She is a young woman who is truly living her passion… that shows in everything that she shares.

While her and her three younger brothers where home schooled by her mother, she grew her interest in entrepreneurship.

She opted not to go to college as she saw that most people gave out of it with a large debt and no opportunities in their field of study but now speaks regularly at the local college in her area. I love that!

With the encouragement of her family behind her, Mandee is living her dreams.

Please join me in celebrating Mandee as she shares her dream with us.

Mandee Widrick – Dream Friday

There’s a song about dreamers that I’ve always loved and that inspired me to pursue my dreams over the past several years. Growing up, I remember saying to my mom about my future, “I want to do a little bit of everything.” While it sounded crazy, I ended up doing just that.

It didn’t take me long after making the above statement to my mom to discover that I needed to focus on only a couple things at a time to become exceptionally good at them. Trying to do everything at once was fun, and showed me what I truly enjoyed, but now I’m ready to master those things. That being said, I now have two major dreams that I’m pushing towards

My first dream and the one that I’m currently working towards is to become the main social media authority in my area. As of right now, I’m the only social media manager, according to what I’ve been hearing. I live in the fastest growing county of New York state, and as a social media manager and marketing coach, I hope to bring something new to upstate NY that not only helps businesses grow but also provides new jobs. The cool part is that while I build this in my hometown, I can also offer my services to anyone around the world. There is some great potential there.

Secondly, I’ve discovered that I love video marketing and interviewing people on camera. Back in April, I traveled to the Equine Affaire in Ohio and conducted video interviews with some of the greatest horsemen and women in the US. I did it on a whim to see what launching a YouTube channel would do for my online magazine, Horse Family. It was my first time interviewing on camera and I came home knowing I wanted to continue improving my on-camera personality. It awakened a new dream to start a talk show for entrepreneurs, and I want to start this show sometime within the next 2 years. Right now I don’t know exactly how to go about making it happen, but I do know that it will happen, and I’m excited about it.

I hope that you’ll all follow along as I continue to move towards these goals and if you have any ideas for me, feel free to share!

Thanks for reading and have a FABULOUS day.


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Many thanks for opening up your heart and sharing your dream with us Mandee.

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