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This is a special day in the journey of Share Your DREAM Friday.

We have reached the 52nd consecutive week of amazing people stepping up and sharing their dreams with the world!

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As we journey into the next year of Share Your DREAM Friday and The DREAM Project, we will continue to invite and grow our community of Special Guest Dreamers and offer even more opportunities to Share and Live the Life of Your DREAMS!

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Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Joan Marie!

I had the blessing and opportunity to connect with Joan Marie through my good friend Curtis Bizelli back in May 2011.

Thank you Curtis for the connecting me with this amazing woman who has a HUGE passion, and heart for her dreams and how it can be a blessing to so many people.

Joan is a born teacher who loves to teach. In fact, she taught herself how to be creative and open to creativity when those around her told her it was not possible.

Because of this experience, she spent a lot of her life putting herself down and would make things just enough while at the same time being a hyper workaholic.

Finally free from the bondage of the negative voices in her head, she is right on the edge moving towards another level of attainment in her life.

It’s the beginning of a whole new day for her and now is the time for a change.

Creativity and Dreams are part of her life and who she is.

Please join me in celebrating Joan as she shares her story and dream with us today.

The GREAT Joan Marie – Share Your DREAM Friday

Release the Insecurity!

Allow your passion to sing!! Listening to that little yapping, negative chatter in your head can water down every effort you so enthusiastically go for.
That was my experience until I replaced the icky, yapping with a bubbly Girl Scout song from the sitting-around-the-campfire days. Remember this song?

I love the mountains,

I love the rolling hills,
I love the flowers,

I love the daffodils.

I love the fireside

When all the lights are low.

Boom dee a da, boom dee a da

Boom dee a da, boom dee a da

When that nagging negativity came at me with every version of “Your not good enough”, singing this song got me skipping down the road with a lollipop in my hand, thinking Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, I’m smiling again. As a college student, I was awestruck by Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling. Profoundly moved, I thought, “If art can be that powerful, I must be a part of it.” From that day forward, it has been my purpose to visually express this positive, explosive energy within me through artwork. “That’s it, I’m an artist!” But, two college professors from Washington University filled my head with the belief that I lacked creativity and skill. It is my destiny to do my part to help those that want to break free from those soul-draining voices. My unquenchable passion to display the fullness of life through artwork fills my soul daily.


…FOR MY ART TO ADD UPLIFTING ENERGY TO THE WORLD… being available through the perfect galleries, my website and on daily products such as sheets, clothing, mugs, etc.
…To TEACH CREATIVITY, which fills my SOUL. I feel I must pass on the inspiration that fills my heart. Being a part of other’s exhilaration as they discover their unique voice keeps me leaping out of bed in the mornings.
…I DREAM of offering CREATIVITY WORKSHOPS through a Creative Community Center, and through online videos and traveling workshops.
…I DREAM that my BOOK, Living Your Life on FIRE!, is published–adding enthusiasm and confidence to those who resonate with it, and relate to my story of overcoming self doubt and opening to creativity.
…I DREAM of maturing with PASSION and WISDOM. Now that I CELEBRATE turning 60, I dream about the celebration of turning 70, 80, 90, then 100, and more, with BUOYANT VITALITY, having the deepest satisfaction of all–knowing you are helping others to experience their own blessings and express all the richness of life as you feel it. After all, Louise Hay began Hay House publishing company in her early 60’s! HURRAY!

When this life comes to an end, all that we take with us is the LOVE in our HEARTS and souls!–not the job we did or the money we made or the talent we developed. All of those things make us happy and fill our lives with pleasure and excitement, but without LOVE as our priority, a hollow emptiness settles into our spirit. As an artist, I have spent thousands of hours alone in my studio. This is necessary, rewarding and fun for me, but the full circle of excitement is found in sharing the fun I have experienced in the studio. This is why the Creative Community Center will make my dreams come true! As an artist and teacher, my passion is to develop artistic expression by building one’s confidence through instruction and freedom. I get so excited just thinking about this.

Joining me will be George Dewey Hinds, my very own Renaissance man and sweetie pie, an amazingly talented writer, singer, artist, musician and cartoonist, who will share his passions of writing and cartooning classes, as well as entertaining participants in the coffee/tea room with his musical band. The possibilities for our “center” are endless. We will seek a spacious building to hold classes for art, writing, dancing and music. It will have a coffee/tea space with comfortable seating to share one’s creativity on the walls, floor space to twirl as the music “moves you,” and paper table clothes and wipe-off walls to write poetry and express oneself! The social, creative meet-and-greet potential is so much fun to imagine!

There will be an abstract painting room where you are free to squeeze, throw and brush-on paint with the freedom of a child as the music inspires you. If you choose to take abstract painting classes with me, any concerns and inhibitions you may have had will be lifted, while the energy of this magical space will allow your unique expression to flow.

You will experience and understand that the thrill of creativity is the process of creating. The end result is wonderful, but not as important as the thrill of the experience in the moment. Not surprisingly, the completed art project will lack spirit and soul if one has not been engaged in the moment of creation.

As an artist, I dream of having a HUGE STUDIO space to not only create my own huge, electric paintings, but to have space for four or five others to join me in private classes of “fun expression”

I am currently PAINTING YOUR SONG, turning it into a WILD and Expressive Abstract Painting! I am also painting your eyes along with abstract movement and color that captures your highest essence.

Thank you so much, Edward, for this amazing experience to travel in my mind…making these DREAMS FEEL SO REAL! It is this process of seeing, then truly feeling our dreams become a REALITY in our minds, and finally to take the ACTION STEPS to make it all happen! This is when our dreams come alive. It feels just like MAGIC when you truly live the joy of feeling your dreams.

Edward, you are making DREAMS come true by the sheer experience of asking people to share their dreams. I thank Curt Bizelli, CEO of Manifest Your Dreams Publicity, for introducing us. This has been a powerful process of creating clarity, excitement and vision, enthusiastically followed with action steps.


KNOW what you WANT!
Get into the space of FEELING GOOD about doing and having what you love.
CHILL OUT and FEEL it!!!!
Stop trying to MAKE things happen–stop the chasing.
Instead, take steps to allow things to happen by being joyful and feeling good about your passion.
Things can happen in OTHER WAYS than the one way you feel it must.
LIGHTEN UP and ENJOY the moment!!

Joan Marie
Joan Marie On Facebook
Joan Marie on Twitter
Joan’s Art At Fine Art America

How does it get any better than that?

Thanks so much Joan, for sharing your story, and dream with us today.

Joan Marie – “I will Paint Your SONG!”

If you are in the Denver Area this is for you…

Joan’s ABSTRACT “MUSIC PAINTINGS “ will be showing in DENVER during July
She will be there during the
Artwork Network Gallery
878 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 2
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 388-7420

Meet Joan On the FRIDAY EVENING, July 1st
from 6-9pm during the ART WALK.

Her PAINTINGS will be there for the MONTH of JULY, July 1-29
Come see what songs she has painted to …

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