The GREAT Edward here,Nicole Rushin

WOW, the first installment of Live Your DREAM Monday was an amazing success.

It is wonderful to see how people’s dreams are coming true and they are living them out in their lives.

Welcome to the second installment of…

Live Your DREAM Monday!

This is a place where previous Special Guest Dreamers from Share Your DREAM Friday will be interviewed by myself and share with you:

  1. What has happened in your life since you were featured on Share Your DREAM Friday?
  2. What opportunities have shown up? How have they impacted your journey towards your dreams?
  3. What obstacles and challenges have come your way? How did you overcome them?
  4. What do you do on a daily basis to continue to move you towards your dreams?

Grab your pen and a notebook.

Be prepared to learn what it takes to Live Your DREAMS

Please join me in welcoming my good friend Nicole Rushin as she shows us how she is Living her dreams and you can too!

Nicole Rushin – Live Your DREAM Monday

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Thanks so much Nicole for showing us how your dreams are coming true in your life.

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Until next week… Keep Your DREAM Alive!

Make it a great day!

God Bless,

The GREAT Edward here,Nicole Rushin

Welcome to the fourth installment of…

Share Your DREAM Friday!

A HUGE Thanks for your continued support for this.

It has been amazing to watch how people connect and share their DREAMS with each other.

In this weeks installment of Share Your DREAM Friday we have my very good friend of mine Nicole Rushin.

We met a few months back on Facebook and got to know each other through The Tribe Syndication Association (TSA).

Nicole has inspired me through the amazing things that she shares in her blog posts.

She has a naturally encouraging way of writing that induces deep thinking and reflection in all who read it.

Many of her posts have showed up at just the right time in my life to move me new levels of awareness.

They have allowed me to take leaps in my life even when it is not clear where or when I will land.

As you experience Nicole sharing her dream you will know that they will become reality and in fact are already on their way.

Nicole Rushin – Leap and the Way Will Open

I am honored to take part in Share Your Dream Friday.  My dreams are not loud,
boisterous or jet setting, just simple.  I would love to make a living writing and doing
marketing consulting and to earn a substantial residual income through network
marketing.  Financial freedom sounds vague, but whatever it entails I would love to have
that in my hands.

I am an odd bird maybe; not dreaming of jet setting across the world, but having a
nice little house in the country where I can paint the walls any color I want.  On rainy
days the paint section in my local hardware store inspires me; I could hang out and read
the names on paint chips for hours.  The colors of spring make me high, I could live and
drowned in colors and it would be blissful.  If I could live an obscure life of fame and
creativity I would be happy.  If I could paint the world with words I would happy.  If I
could express what ‘Washed Timberlake Blue’ feels like to me that would be a dream, I
am still searching for that perfect shade of blue.  When I find it I will let you know.
I am afraid most people never come close to seeing their dreams to fruition
because they are not willing to let go.  They are not willing to even define the thing that
keeps them going; that thing that lights a fire in their soul.  Most people have forgotten
how to dream and have been told over and over again that they cannot make money doing
the very thing they are passionate about.

For those who are willing to leap like there is no ground beneath their feet the way
will open.  I am still in mid-leap and some days I am scared to death and other times I
don’t give rip whether or not I ever land.  When you are in line with your passions, the
doors open, the right people walk in your life, the opportunities show up.  There is a flow
to your life that is undeniable.

Be willing to let go of anything that is holding you back.  Set your wishes free into
the world and know with faith that they will come back to you and all the while take the
actions you are inspired to take.  Hesitation is a killer of dreams.
Dreams await for all who are willing to take the leap!  Thanks Edward and Julie
Elliott for showing me it is okay to put yourself out there.  Thanks Paul Klaszus for
giving and helping and taking the incentive to be a leader.

Nicole Rushin

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Thanks so much Nicole for sharing your dream with us.

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Make it a great day!

God Bless,