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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Marie-Suzy St-Louis.

I met Marie-Suzy on Facebook back in August 2010. A fellow Canadian from Quebec, we connected through our mutual friends started sharing content and videos that we shared with each other.

She is a wife and mother to three wonderful children who mean the world to her. Her love for people has always found her working in the service industry in restaurants and is a trained travel agent.

Through personal tragedy, she was told by her doctors that she would never have children. By the blessing of God, she has had three great ones. During her time of her first child she added over 100 pounds to her weight and through her determination, passion, and belief in herself she lost over 115 pounds in 6 months upon coming across some products and a support system that encouraged her along the way. Now 14 years later, some bumps, twists and turns along the way, she has done it again and helping others to do the same.

One of her keys to her current success is her decision to shift from saying I should to I have too!

Please join me in celebrating Marie-Suzy as she shares her dream with us today.

The GREAT Marie-Suzy St-Louis – Share Your DREAM Friday

Helping people dream again is one of my biggest passions in life. I am looking to built a very big, strong and united team in my home business. Being apart of someones life when they can start dreaming again is truly a blessing, doing it together is so much easier then doing it alone. I’m looking for people that want to dream again, what to start living and enjoying there life with their family and friends. Helping people become what they were born to be, have the life that was intended for them, that’s the purpose of my journey here.


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Thanks so much for sharing your dream with us today Marie-Suzy. Your passion for your dream speaks into the hearts of us all.

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