The GREAT Edward here,Lorri Ratzlaff

Welcome to this installment of…

Live Your DREAM Monday!

This is a place where previous Special Guest Dreamers from Share Your DREAM Friday will be interviewed by myself and share with you:

  1. What has happened in your life since you were featured on Share Your DREAM Friday?
  2. What opportunities have shown up? How have they impacted your journey towards your dreams?
  3. What obstacles and challenges have come your way? How did you overcome them?
  4. What do you do on a daily basis to continue to move you towards your dreams?

Grab your pen and a notebook.

Be prepared to learn what it takes to Live Your DREAMS

Please join me in welcoming my good friend Lorri Ratzlaff as she shows us how she is Living her dreams and you can too!

Lorri Ratzlaff – Live Your DREAM Monday

Thanks so much Lorri for showing us how your dreams are coming true in your life.

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Until next week… Live Your DREAM!

Make it a great day!

God Bless,

The GREAT Edward here,Lorri Ratzlaff

Welcome to this weeks installment of…

Share Your DREAM Friday!

WOW this has really taken off!

The community of people that have participated here are absolutely phenomenal.

This is the first time for a fellow CANADIAN to be featured.

And YES! We can DREAM BIG TOO! eh!

This weeks Special Guest Dreamer is my new friend Lorri Ratzlaff.

She is a Mom with a full time job by day

and a full time Social Media and Networker Marketer by night.

She has grown her Facebook friends from 1000 to over 4200 since January without asking anyone.

With a limit of 5000 friends, if you are not her friend already, you will need to connect with her now!

I first met Lorri through the Tribe Syndication Association (TSA) when she came across my blog a few weeks back.

She is an avid Hockey Fan and has a great heart for others.

Please join me in celebrating Lorri as she shares her dream with us.

Lorri Ratzlaff

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, and that guy knew a thing or two! My imagination of a different life and my dreams were kept under wraps for most of my life. Parents and friends alike said to me my whole growing up years “Lorri, when are you going to stop dreaming”! I KNEW there was more to this life than what I was experiencing, but honestly didn’t even know what I was feeling or why I was feeling it, so I just grew up believing what my parents and teachers told me about life.

This amazing outlet that Edward and Julie Elliott have provided me – allowing me to expose my dream – has been unlike anything I’ve ever experience before! WOW, what a freeing feeling! I have spent the last 18 years telling my children to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, and YOU CAN BECOME ANYTHING YOU WANT TO … very sincerely, and with all my heart! Yet, I still struggled believing that for myself! BUT, exposing it in this way is somehow affirmation that all those years spent dreaming and knowing that something more pertinent is to be part of my journey was worth every moment of sadness when being told to stop!!

I KNOW anything is possible! I have Faith, and I Believe! I can accomplish this! My children can accomplish what their dreams hold! And YOU can accomplish your dreams TOO!! Never lose faith or your desire to achieve!! One of my favorite quotes by Winston Churchill that John Assaraf likes to use is “Never, never NEVER give up”!!

YouTube Preview Image

Many thanks for having the courage and taking the leap and sharing your dream with us Lorri.

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God Bless,