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Welcome to this weeks installment of…

Share Your DREAM Friday!

This is an amazing day with a few things to note.

1) This is the 20th Special Guest Dreamer that we have shared! AMAZING!!! Thanks for the blessing of have the opportunity to do this.

2) Today’s Special Guest Dreamers are the first couple that we have had share their DREAM!!! YA!

3) It is my 38th Birthday today! Time to PARTY!

With that taken care of, let me introduce you to this weeks Special Guest Dreamers…

I have had the great pleasure getting to know Laura through the Tribe Syndication Association (TSA) over the past few months and recently got the opportunity to meet Larry over the past week.

They are a very dynamic and passionate couple that are living their dreams in everything that they do and helping others find and achieve theirs too!

Working in the industry of Network Marketing, and achieving great success for themselves and many people, they know that it is the best industry that can allow anyone to fulfill their dreams, vision, and goals.

They are working everyday to touch lives of others, give them hope, and offer them something that can make their dreams come true.

With an active family of six kids and grandkids too, they are certainly considered “busy” by most common peoples standards.

To live a life of uncommon measure and success, you have to be uncommon and do what others won’t and choose not to do.

Please join me in celebrating my new friends Larry and Laura Morris as they share their dreams with us.

Laura & Larry Morris – Share Your DREAM Friday

What a pleasure it is to be part of Share Your DREAM Friday!! We both have developed a tremendous respect for Edward Elliott as a successful business person, leader and online coach.

If we could only share one thing with you about us it would be that we are passionate about being a team, and that our partnership was created out of our love for what we do for a living. We met in 1999 and worked together long distance over the telephone for 3 years. In 2001 we formed an exciting partnership, and were married. There has been no stopping us!

What we discovered when working together was that we had the SAME DREAM. Our DREAM at the time, and still continues to be, is to travel the world building our business, building relationships with like minded people, and assisting them in breaking free from dissatisfaction in their own lives to become FREE and HAPPY. That fuels our life in very exciting ways. We love our DREAM, and it continues to grow and expand, in that we find more ways to meet people, provide value, teaching methods, and opportunities for personal growth. We have met amazing, fantastic people in our 24 years participating in Network Marketing, both together, and before we met. This business gives us nothing but JOY. We have formed life long bonds with our business partners, and we’ve seen them develop from places that are quite amazing. We have helped our people earn multiple six-figure incomes, support their families, and even helped a dear friend come from literally nothing, to make more money in each month than he used to make in an entire year. That is a DREAM within a DREAM!!

We get to spend every day together working on our passion, and would hope people we mentor would tell you our success is because we CARE about their success almost more than our own, and will do just about anything to make ourselves available to make that happen. We relate to individuals, because we have been in your shoes, and it’s very important that out DREAM includes the people who got us to our DREAM, realizing THEIR DREAM as well.

Aside from that we’re Family oriented, enjoy our kids and grandkids and doing fun things like ATV’s, boating, travel and playing games. Our business has taken us all over the country and even out of the country. Man IS so he might have JOY. Is OUR DREAM to CREATE MORE JOY, Establish a life that we can look back on that affected people greatly with their WEALTH AND THEIR HEALTH. Our DREAM is to mentor 10 individuals to millionaire status (Top Level) in our company. We will establish a close partnership with these elite leaders, to take our opportunity global in the next 3 years.

Our final DREAM is to establish a foundation that pays for resources for all types of special needs people, in honor of Larry’s brother Ray. Thank you Edward for giving us this rare and wonderful opportunity to give our DREAMS wings! We now speak them into the universe of creation and action.

And So It Is!

Larry & Laura Morris

Thank you Larry and Laura for sharing your dream with us all.

Live, Love, and Matter!

Here is the link to the post that Laura mentioned in the video about her Dream Board – How To Get Anything You Truly Want Check it out… Dreams do come true!

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