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Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Drew Berman!

I first had the opportunity to meet Drew at the No Excuses Summit II in Las Vegas back in May 2011 where I was meeting and connecting with people asking them to share their dreams.

We connected once he had returned and we shared our stories and dreams with each other.

Drew is a husband and father of 2. Back in 2000, when he was 28, he did a 35 country bike tour which took him around the world. Upon returning, he found the world of Network Marketing and saw the potential for that to be a vehicle to living the life of his dreams. After 5 years with minimal success in his first company, the right opportunity appeared that launched him to great success.

Please join me in celebrating Drew as he shares his passion and dream with us today.

The GREAT Drew Berman – Share Your DREAM Friday

Has it only been 10 years? This month I celebrate my 10 year anniversary in Network Marketing… Well time sure flies when you’re having fun. Is that how the expression goes? Because when you are LIVING THE DREAM time flies even faster.

Just got back from an epic trip to Fire Island with my family. How come I was the only guy on the beach on Monday morning? I was looking for some other daddies to hang with but I couldn’t find any.

Same thing when we went to Six Flags Great Adventure. It’s amazing going to an amusement park on a Wednesday and not having to wait on line. I will never go on a Saturday again. In fact lately, it feels like every day is a Saturday.

I love taking my boys to school and being around when they come home. Life is good. We just took a vacation to New Hampshire with the whole family. We got to hang by the beach and have lobster dinners at sunset. We’ve had quite a full summer already, and there is so much more to look forward to. And just yesterday we booked our trip to Disney World. And on top of all that, I will be featured in Prosper Magazine next month, a national magazine available in book stores. Wow. It’s like pinch me, is this actually happening? Ten of my team mates and I are guests of honor at a Gala in San Diego with the Owners of Isagenix International next month. And in September I am presenting at Craig Duswalts Rockstar Marketing Boot Camp.

I start every morning with a healthy shake that keeps me young and vibrant and gives me the nutrition I need to get me through the day. When I make my morning shakes, my 2 year old comes running in saying “shake, shake” and grabs at my pants leg until he gets his share. In fact, yesterday I did a 30 mile bike ride. Now I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I am recovering from a nasty bike accident from two years back. In summer 09, I took a head over handle bar spill that took me out of the game til just recently. I have been taking our joint and pain relief system for the last couple months and with doctor care, stretching and exercise, I am able to be back in the saddle.

And speaking of exercise, I am now working out with a personal trainer. That, is another victory as well. I am actually bartering business coaching for personal training. So because of what I have learned on my own journey about network marketing; Gratitude, Attitude, Commitment, Belief, Team Work, Leadership and other life lessons, I am actually able to teach other home based business’s owners some critical skills to make this business work. I coach her on growing her business, she works me out at the gym. I am getting Into my beach body, a few pounds away from my target weight, And feeling better then ever.
This journey has been such a blessing for me and my family.

I have been for the past few months finishing my Book – You Online You Offline dot com – how to make a fortune in network marketing even in today’s economy. I am being interviewed on leadership conference calls from other industry leaders, being in invited to speak and present at national events, and being featured in industry publications. is now an international education site for network marketers globally showing step by step how to market online, how to maximize social media and how to brand themselves as a leader.
Our industry is going through a major shift – shift happens – and we are at the forefront.
Thank you network marketing for the best business model in the world. Thank you Isagenix for this amazing opportunity. And thanks to THE GREAT EDWARD for allowing me to share my story. We are certainly impacting people in a big, BIG, way. And what a worthy adventure it is.

So far this summer because of Network Marketing, because of Isagenix I have taken several vacations, leased 2 new cars, started working out with a personal trainer, dropped nearly 10 pounds, and was featured in The Elite Network Marketing Newsletter as the member of the month – and there’s a lot more summer left.

It’s official – -This has been the best journey of my life, thank you for creating this platform.

Drew Berman

Thanks so much Drew, for sharing your story and dream with us today.

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