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Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Karyn Janelle Davis!

I first met Karyn on Facebook back in May 2011 when our mutual friend and Share Your DREAM Friday Alumnus The GREAT Nathalie Villeneuve shared her dream with the world!

Karyn were’s multiple hats in the world, as a business owner of multiple businesses, mother, partner, and blessing to everyone she meets.

Her business started with working with on large government projects and youth in prisons, teaching them to be more aware of themselves to grow past their current circumstances. Through many ups and downs she became frustrated with the fact that these young people would be challenged to change and she eventually moved her business home and became a certified NLP Trainer. While continuing her journey she came to the realization that in order to make a difference in the lives of the youth in the prisons, that the answer was somewhere else… In the mothers.

With this realization she has been focused on a mission of empowering women to move to a place of love!

Please join me in celebrating Karyn as she shares her passion and dream with us today.

The GREAT Karyn Janelle Davis – Share Your DREAM Friday

Share My Dream Friday – Thanks to Edward

My Dream is to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate life.
Using the benefits of the deep foundations I have already built,
I continue to explore new possibilities.

I have developed a number of leading edge products and my dream is to share the enjoyment, appreciation and celebration with 1 million women around the globe as I continue to discover new distribution channels.

Putting together this Share a Dream Friday has allowed me to stop for long enough to:
1. Integrate all of my diverse businesses and personal interests into one place recognising the one purpose and of course the one link ME! Also remembering why I am inspired by what I do I feel Joy – (Big Tick that right there is Enjoying)
2. Realise and recognise how many wonderful things that were once a dream are now real to me – (Another Big Tick that right there is Appreciating)
3. Taking a deep healthy breath and smiling acknowledging how far I have come – (Another Big Tick right there I am celebrating)

As you are reading this I am thankful for your time and energy and encourage you to celebrate wherever you are in life right now. I would like to acknowledge Edward for the environment he has put together to host this blog.

Lets Talk Business for a moment
The business and visions I am leading and delivering include.

Forward Focus Ltd – Social Services Industry
Our Vision
We are the standard of Transformation in Quality Learning and Development in NZ

Forward Focus has brought life changing financial, personal development and communication programmes that have already reached over 5,000 families across New Zealand. We have grown with government contracts for 10 years delivering services into the New Zealand Prisons, New Zealand Youth Services and NZ Social Services and government departments.

And like every brilliant organism we are changing and transforming with the times. We are upgrading and bringing together a decade of experience to now be delivering Training & Coaching Services to other organisations within New Zealand both in the classroom and online.

My Personal Thoughts – It has been my experience from working with thousands of “youth at risk” In the past decade – that in virtually every case….If Mum was happy healthy and coping with life, we would NEVER have had the young person on our books!
This lead me to think…What was the common factor?

Mum wasn’t coping!

In my humble opinion…Mum is the solution. When Mum (a woman) is energised, health, happy and creative she feels empowered through her own thinking, feelings and actions. Then she naturally will empower and support every child, teenager and man in her life and therefore in her own way positively contribute to the world.

From here was born.

Our Vision
1 million women; re-energising, balancing, growing connecting and contributing.

When a woman is healthy emotionally, mentally, physically, and “environmentally” she contributes to a healthy community.

4sistersconnect helps this woman by providing services like…

Pocket Coach Series – Mp3 sound tracks you can take anywhere. Where you develop your own internal wisdom coach re-connecting you to yourself easily and effortlessly consciously and unconsciously creating compelling actions and behaviours that transform you and transport you to the realisation of your dreams, goals and life purpose.

BE Glorious – Oh my Gosh this is my personal favourite. I have been doing the BE Glorious programme myself for the last 3 years. It is my one personal stable “balancing” tool. I use it every day period! Coming out in a product form very soon. If you want to be a part of this launch – please contact me personally or register on the 4sistersconnect website. There you will also discover a whole raft of other fun things, information and exercises to explore.

And I’m not finished yet….
Other things I have co-developed alongside my businesses include
The How: Develop Your Inner Coach (2 X DVD + workbook)
Leading experts will inspire you to transform your life by teaching specific processes through language, perspective, mind and body and how to develop your very own powerful inner coach.

Questions: You are the Answer in Which you Seek (Ebook)
This book is for you to use a set of questions that will guide you to connect with your own internal wisdom and to come up with answers that are true for you. Ancient wisdom always points to the fact that your questions are the answers.

Change Masters in Action – Radio Show
Each week I interview masters of change across the world engaging in transformational conversations on

100 Days 100 Breaths
Breath is the transformational gateway. Every breath is life happening. Conscious purposeful breaths take you on an exploration into new ways of being.

Thank you
Karyn Janelle Davis
Joy in our Connection (Facebook) Appreciate our sharing Celebrate Women
Visit my Blog at Now In Our Heart

Thanks so much Karyn, for sharing your passion, and dream with us today.

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