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Welcome the blessings that all of this day has to offer and then ask yourself…

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Now for today’s installment of …

Share Your DREAM Friday!

It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Ken Pickard!

I first met Ken back in August 2010 on Facebook where we were both involved in Tribe Syndication Groups supporting the distribution of peoples content across the Internet.

He is a husband and father of 5 amazing kids who are the driving force behind his passion, vision, and dreams.

An avid social media and network marketer, he has an impacted many people on his journey and continues to this day.

Ken brings passion to every thing he does in his life and today is not exception.

Please join me in celebrating Ken as he shares his dream with us today.

The GREAT Ken Pickard – Share Your DREAM Friday

First Off I want to say thank you to the Great Edward Elliott for inviting me to “Share My Dream Friday.” Edward and I have been hitting the social sites and syndicating with fellow bloggers for quite some time. I have seen Edward change the landscape of social media by building relationships and harnessing the power of blogging and social connections.

In the video below I’ll share with you what I’ve only recently shared with a select few. My cause, which is Entrepreneurs for a cause. But before you jump to the video let me catch you up to speed as to where I’ve come from and what I see happening online right now.

“Tell me your dreams and I’ll help you own them.” – Ken Pickard

We all know that having your WHY is important. It defines or drives our daily activities. Or so it should. Sometimes we loose site of what is really important. But by sharing your dream with others like here on Edward’s site you can take a stand for your goal and claim it as your own. Something happens to you when you do that. I often tell people…”Tell me your dreams and I’ll help you own them.” Because true personal empowerment does not come from just a dream board. it comes from taking action and fighting for that dream!

Every Blogger Needs a Passion Purpose
When I first came online I failed forward for 6 months. Trying to do everything everyone else was doing. Before I realized what my true passion was I was floundering due to a lack of vision and a proper game plan. When I started to look around other peoples blogs I noticed a huge need. Something that would level the playing field from newbie blogger to professional. And since I was a new to the scene i quickly figured that if I needed this thing called traffic, then i bet others need it as well.

So my first glimpse into my true passion was to help other bloggers create syndication circles. We called them tribes…and the tribe syndication revolution begun. What quickly turned out to be a hot topic caused tribes for sharing each others content started to pop up all over the place. People were getting traffic in the form of eye balls to their sites from all over the social sites. But that wasn’t enough.

Some people quickly grew their brand and branched off on their own while the majority of new bloggers withered away. After taking a 6 month break from blogging I came back to correct a wrong that I had given to the community. It’s one thing to find your passion and start blogging about what you THINK others want. But it’s entirely different when you know who you are and what you have to offer first. It starts with your passion, but when you find a cause that you can align with magic happens.

Know Your Market And Know Your Target Audience
Your passion should take you right into the heart of your target market or niche. You should be a constant student of what’s working and not working. What the market place will pay for and what it wont. And especially what you can do to add value to it.

After you have identified your passion and purpose you need to know your target audience. You need to find out what makes them tick. What keeps them up at night? What are their fears and concerns? What do they like, want and need? By mapping out your ideal reader you can start to give them exactly what they want.

Take Your Brand To The Next level With A Cause
Now to add the cherry on top. This is something that is seriously lacking in our marketplace today. We need to be empowering our communities to leverage their passions and start a cause. This is very magnetic due to the giving nature of people.

One of the biggest issues with building relationships online is people just want to be heard. They want to know you care and you can help them. And when you show them where you are going they almost always want to go with you. Especially when you have built that trust factor.

By taking action towards your cause you will start to attract others to you. As you’ll be able to see in the video below the cause I’m fighting for is much bigger than me. Take a look.

Ken Pickard
The Network Dad
Ken Pickard on Facebook

Thanks so much Ken, for sharing your dream with us today.

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