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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Meetu Singhal.

I meet Meetu on Facebook through our mutual friend and Special Guest Dreamer Alumnus Avram Gonzales. We shared comments on back and fourth and got to know each other through his content on his InspirACTION series. We personally go connected after she was featured on Avram’s InspirACTION Series – Don’t Take NO For An Answer sharing how she was stepping outside her comfort zone and living her dream life. I knew at that time that her message was meant to be heard and shared with as many people as possible, so I invited her to share here with each of you.

She is a wife, mother, and professional with a passion for Technology and Social Media.

Originally from India, she moved with her family to Las Vegas about 3 years ago.

Determined to help with a financial contribution to her family she went on a journey that would take her to the life of her dreams.

Please join me in celebrating Meetu as she shares her story and dream with us today.

The GREAT Meetu Singhal – Share Your DREAM Friday

A passion that transformed into a Journey towards Delivering Happiness

Hello fellow Dreamers! First of all I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Edward and Julie for giving me this opportunity to share my Dream on this precious platform. Before I jump on to share the Dream I am living, I would like to share a bit about myself. I hail from India and I now live in Las Vegas along with my husband and our 5 year old son. I met The GREAT Edward on Facebook and love what he is doing. I am truly passionate about technology and Social Media. My professional background is a mix of technology and marketing. By qualification I am an MBA and for over last eleven years I have been working specifically on web and mobile related technologies. Essentially, I have been helping small businesses to leverage technology and social media to impact the world around them.

Let me start sharing a story with you that will convey how my Dream started with a passion and then later on evolved towards a Journey on route to Deliver Happiness.

Part -1 In The Beginning… The Idea”
It so happened that due to some changes in my Visa status here in the United States I lost my permit to work in the beginning of 2010. Sitting idle and not doing anything is not in my nature (more because if my mind stays empty, it becomes a Devil’s workshop :->). So to spare my family members with the trouble of bearing the brunt of my empty mind, I decided to start writing a blog. I launched and started blogging about what I am passionate about – Technology and Social Media. I would blog just enough to keep me occupied. The entire year of 2010 was a great year for me as I found time to learn more and more about technology and social media. It was tremendous learning. By December 16th 2010 got my work permit again and that’s when I thought that I need to go out and apply what I have learned through the entire year. Also there was certainly a need to contribute financially towards the family income. I got a Golden opportunity to apply my skills when I saw a job opening with Zappos , an online store specializing in clothing. The biggest advantage with Zappos was that it is based out of Las Vegas where I live. I applied for the job and waited. No one called me for an interview and I got an epiphany – since the job is for the position ‘ Facebook Marketing Assistant’ why not I launch a facebook campaign to demonstrate my skills and grab the attentions of the recruiters. This way I could at least get an interview call.

Part -2 Campaign “Zappos Hire Me”
I launched the campaign called “Zappos Hire Me” on and forwarded the domain to . I also created a back end or the support website at Then I reached out to my closest Facebook friends / contacts to help me to spread the word. And within a few hours Terry Crosby launched a group called – Meetu needs our help – all the members of the group ( some 70 Facebook friends ) became the campaigners of the “Zappos Hire Me” campaign. They formally posted testimonials on my page wall that you can see here. Several of my friends posted on Zappos’ wall and endorsed my candidature. It was magical to see scores of posts being posted passionately everywhere on Facebook all just sending one message – Zappos Hire Meetu – Words cannot describe the feeling that I experienced. It was surreal. I never expected so much love and support coming from so many people. It was incredible! A similar campaign also started on Twitter. It was surprising to see that Zappos’ Twitter handle @zappos_service started acknowledging and appreciating the tweets but Facebook page kept totally silent and deleting the posts. Actually the official Zappos’ page started marking the posts as spam that I realized later when my official page was blocked from writing, commenting and liking any post on their page.
After a few days into the campaign I called Zappos and no one from recruitment spoke with me, however, the receptionist informed me that I would get a call and someone will let me know the status. I got an email after few hours letting me know that I was over qualified for the position and there was not a match. I was totally disappointed but then again came a Ray of light when my very good friend on Facebook, Dillon Rhodes suggested that I should continue the campaign and react in line with Zappos’s 10 core values.

Cutting the long story short, I continued the campaign for 2 weeks. I covered Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. All throughout my social networking friends ( Zappos Hire me Campaigners ) rallied for me . It became so famous that Local News channel Fox 5 covered my story on news cast, you can watch the interview from the bottom of this web page. If you are interested in knowing more details of the campaign then you can watch the series of YOUTUBE videos from HERE , I have narrated the story in my own funny style :- )

I finally got the call from one of the senior recruiting managers at Zappos after 2 weeks and I was informed that they are closing my file permanently. They also told me that no one is suggesting that I stop my campaign but from their side no one will listen or respond. So this was it. As you can imagine that there is no fun in saying something if no one is hearing, I decided to put an end to my campaign.

Part – 3 After The Campaign
Around the same time I got several Interview calls (The Fox interview made me a bit famous) and I also got the news that the Delivering Happiness book from Zappos’s CEO has now become a movement. I became a part of the movement and took the Delivering Happiness pledge from here. I also got a contractual job here from an organization based in Las Vegas. In true sense the campaign turned me from a ‘person’ to a ‘happy person’. Under the normal circumstances I would have consider this experience as a set back as Zappos refused to interview me but since I already started moving on route to ‘Inspire and be Inspired’ I did not feel disappointed even for a moment. The fact that Edward saw my campaign and suggested me to share my dream on this great platform is one of the examples of the real impact that campaign has made. I would like to take this opportunity to thank one and all who helped me in making this campaign larger than life. In true sense, I became a much happier person and started my own journey towards DELIVERING HAPPINESS.

Meetu Singhal - Delivering Happiness

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Thanks so much Meetu, for sharing your story, passion, and dream with us today.

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