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Happy Friday!

Back from Austin Tx. where I had the pleasure of hanging with some of the top leaders in the Internet Marketing Industry. 3 days of Mastermind and Party with Mark Hoverson, Daegen Smith, Tim Erway, Jay Kubassek, Johnathan Budd, Katie Freiling, and many others. What an amazing time. Watch for some upcoming webinars and classes coming from the relationships built there and the connections we have made.

I will be offering my Sold Out Class again in a couple of weeks, make sure you get on the Early Bird Notification List to get First Priority for a Spot.

How did I get so Lucky?

Now for today’s installment of …

Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Karin Boode!

I first met Karin back in February 2010 on Facebook and through the Tribe Syndication Association (TSAMastery).

I was just getting started in blogging, and Karin offered some great tips and suggestions for my site.

We have both came from a similar background of high level corporate executive and now turned online / social media advocates.

Karin is a great friend that speaks up when she sees you doing something ‘funky’! The best kind of friend to have.

Please join me in celebrating Karin as she shares her story and dream with us today.

The GREAT Karin Boode – Share Your DREAM Friday

It is with pleasure that I participate in Edwards “Share Your Dream Friday” project. I have never met Edward in person, but I do feel like I know him quite well. Interesting how the Internet can do this these days. Edward was a prominent TSA member when I joined and we started talking almost immediately. I have always enjoyed our conversations.

I am a food scientist by education and the early part of my carreer I was an executive for Unilever, Proctor and Gamble’s biggest rival. About 8 years ago, I decided that life is too short to be working 24/7. I retired from the food industry. At that time all I knew was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping other people. To make a long story short I started my own consulting business, where I help small and medium size businesses with their online presence.

I have specialized in social media. My business is doing very well. I live a great life, working from home doing what I enjoy most. But know that I am living my dream life, I started a new dream. I would like to help kids, who don’t have the means to go to college. I soon realized that although the business I am running is great for me, it is not enough to realize my new dream. No matter how thin I would stretch myself, this business model does not let me make the money to pay for college educations. I realized that I had to change to a business model where my time is not the limiting factor. That is what made me decide to transform my business from offline to online. I am currently in the middle of that transition. I finished putting together my first product (Social Traffic Mastermind), which is a compilation of the most successful social media strategies that I am teaching my current clients.

I have decided to form a mastermind group around these strategies, to make sure that I can provide sufficient support to make these strategies a success for all who sign up. After all, buying a product is not what makes it a success, it is the implementation that needs the focus and this is oftentimes not so easy. We are all in different situations and applying it to our own circumstances can be challenging. Through the mastermind group we can make sure that everyone gets the help they need. And that is exactly what is important to me.

I am super energized by the thought of being able to help kids through college. It is so rewarding to be able to fullfill my dreams and at the same time the dreams of many youngsters. I wish I had that kind of support when I grew up. I had to work throughout my college years to pay for my tuition and room and board. It was not easy and I missed out on a lot, because I had to work. It will be great to see kids, who never thought they could afford it, finish a college degree.

To your success,


Thanks so much Karin, for sharing your story and dream with us today.

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