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Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Dr. Dain Heer – Access Consciousness!

Life is a journey not a destination but a collection of all the moments along the way. It is when we become awakened to the life that we are living and open to who we be and that anything is possible, that we then allow ourselves to fully embrace and enjoy our lives. As I have continued on my journey each day I become more aware and live life more fully in the gift of the moments I have been given. Being UNPLUGGED from the Matrix that most of the people in this world live in and holds on so tightly too. Yes, I’ve been there… Judging myself, blaming others, and feeling sorry for what I had and believing that I wanted what everyone else had instead. You know, the grass is greener syndrome right? I am grateful that someone came along one day and pulled out my plug, shook me up, and told me there is a better way. And that in that moment I decided, maybe he is right… let me check it out! And I have not looked back since. In fact, it is through this place of awareness that the vision for Share Your DREAM Friday and The DREAM Project came to be. Check it out here

The path that lead me to meeting Dr. Dain Heer and having his story and dream to share with you today comes from living in this state of being, awareness, and making choices. Let me share the journey with you…

This journey started back on March 21, 2011 when my good friend and Share Your DREAM Friday Alumnus The GREAT Avram Gonzales from Colorado shared a new episode of InspirACTION entitled – Get Conscious, Get Sexy! – Interview with Rikka Zimmerman! How do you get Sexy and Conscious? I had to check it out… In his video I saw a new energy, passion, and excitement in Avram that I had not seen before in the year that I have know him. Something was different but I was not sure what it was yet.

Just a few weeks laster he posted another episode on April 5, 2011 entitled – Running The Bars With Rikka Zimmerman!. I said to myself, so that’s how he is doing it. Looks like fun. Let me find out who does that here in London Ontario. So I clicked on the link he shared to the main site of Access Consciousness and found that there we two facilitators Juna Gutter and Sabine Hildebrandt from Synergy In Motion, who were just an 8 minute drive from my house according to Google maps. How does it get any better than that? So I did what I usually do in these situations and sat on it and debated in my head… should I call them or not. I searched their website and read all the info I could find about what they were doing and finally after about 2 weeks I gave them a call and booked an appointment for Julie and I to go see meet them and Run The Bars on April 27, 2011. What an amazing experience that was for me and Julie.

As I typically am when I get into something that grabs my attention and jars my awareness, I look at everything that is possible within it. One of the things was that Dr. Dain Heer was visiting London for a Work Shop on May 12, 2011 talking about his new book coming out called “Being You, Changing The World!” I have always believed that being you is the most important thing for us to be to live a fulfilled live and one of our dreams. Julie and I decided to go and when we talked with Juna and Sabine about it they suggested that we do an interview together and have Dr. Dain share his story and dreams. My mind first went to all the excuses of why not before I answered with an energetic YES! And so it came to be.

How does it get any better than this?

Please join me in celebrating Dr. Dain as he shares his dreams with us today.

The GREAT Dr. Dain Heer – Share Your DREAM Friday

Dr. Dain Heer travels all over the world facilitating advanced classes, workshops and seminars on Access Consciousnesss and a healing body and group process called The Energetic Synthesis of Being. His unique and transforming points of view on change, healing, bodies and leadership transcend everything currently being taught. Dr. Heer has written a series of books on the topics of embodiment, healing and sexuality. His latest book, Being You, Changing the World, was published in June 2011.

This is a very different book. It is written for the dreamers of this world—the people who KNOW that something different is possible—but who have never had the tools before. What if I told you that the tools exist? The possibilities you’ve always dreamed of are possible! It is a guide for generating infinite possibilities and dynamic change. For you. And the world. It provides you with a set of PRACTICAL tools and processes which, if you use them, can change everything and give you YOU, as you truly be. It gives you a totally different perspective of BEING.

How does it get any better than that?

Thanks so much Dr. Dain, for sharing your heart, passion, and dream with us today.

Learn more about Dain Heer and the new book on:
Here you can also download a free audio of the first chapter, read by Dain Heer. A gift to you…

A special thanks to my good friend Avram Gonzales creator of InspirACTION
for taking the step and asking the question… What else is possible?

Great big hugs my new friends Juna and Sabine at Synergy In Motion!
Thanks for putting this together and always reminding us BE the question.

Thanks so much Dr. Dain, for sharing your heart, passion, and dream with us today.

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Live Your DREAM Monday!

This is a place where previous Special Guest Dreamers from Share Your DREAM Friday will be interviewed by myself and share with you:

  1. What has happened in your life since you were featured on Share Your DREAM Friday?
  2. What opportunities have shown up? How have they impacted your journey towards your dreams?
  3. What obstacles and challenges have come your way? How did you overcome them?
  4. What do you do on a daily basis to continue to move you towards your dreams?

Grab your pen and a notebook.

Be prepared to learn what it takes to Live Your DREAMS

Please join me in welcoming my good friend The GREAT Avram Gonzales as he shows us how he is Living his dreams and you can too!

Avram Gonzales – Live Your DREAM Monday

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Thanks so much Avram for showing us how your dreams are coming true in your life.

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Share Your DREAM Friday!

Thanks so much for your continued support and response so far.

This has been amazing and I am so excited about what it is becoming…

and what all of you are making it into!

For this week we have a Great friend Avram Gonzales

who we met through on Facebook through his InspirACTION videos.

If you have not had the pleasure of checking them out yet…

Join his Facebook Fan Page HERE! You will be inspired!

Avram is a man on a mission to be the change in this world…

through inspiring others one day at a time by living his dream.

He has been a great inspiration and encouragement in my life…

over the past five months that we have gotten to know each other…

and has allowed me to know that anything is possible if you can dream it!

As you experience him sharing his dreams with us…

YOU WILL KNOW that they WILL become REALITY!

Avram Gonzales – Dreams

Somewhere along the line somebody convinced us that dreams were for children, and that dreams are SO BIG, that they’d always be out of reach.

But what would guide us through this life if not for our dreams? We’d spend our time bumping into everything and never finding anything. There would be no meaning, and no purpose to our journey.

Edward and Julie are two people that never bought into that thought for a second. Their mission, and an admirable one at that, is to inspire others to KEEP DREAMING and make it as big as possible!

I think thats what attracted me to Edward so much in the first place. Ever since I met him and before we started to get to know each other he’s been there, taking notice and interest, and providing the kind of encouragement that makes your soul jump out of its skin and do a little dance.

The thing about BIG dreams is that in order to grow, they need careful care and lots of attention. And while an individual may hold a dream, our collective consciousness brings it to fruition. Without the help of others, many dreams would never come true.

Individuals like Edward and Julie are energy in motion, with both grace and vigor. DREAM Fridays are just another extension of their incredible ability to empower others to inspire multitudes. I want to pass that same energy unto you while I share my dreams and aspirations to connect this world and raise our global consciousness.

Love and Light~


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Thanks Avram for sharing your dream with us.

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