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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first 2011 installment of…

Share Your DREAM Friday!

To kick-off this amazing new year I have the wonderful blessing and pleasure to share with you the dreams and passions of my new friend The GREAT Nancy Shields.

I met Nancy back around the beginning of November 2010 when she came across the community of Share Your DREAM Friday and started encouraging and motivating to others here as they shared each week. Within a week she joined the Movement and Community and asked to get together so she could share her dream here.

She is a remarkable woman and mom who is not stranger to having challenges and obstacles show up in her life that can distract her from her dreams.

Through all the ups and downs, twists and turns, her dream has always remained there and she continues to move towards it.

She credits the friendships and relationships that she has to have helped her through.

She currently travels the country looking for opportunities to connect woman together in friendship with each other… the first part of her dream in action!

Please join me in celebrating The GREAT Nancy Shields as she shares the rest of her dream with us today.

Nancy Shields – Share Your DREAM Friday

I am so excited that the GREAT Edward has given me the opportunity to share my dream with the world. I
met Edward through the Facebook Community and my Facebook friend Debbie Lattuga had posts about
Edward – I became curious and discovered his passion to allow others to share their dreams. I made a
connection with him on facebook and he was gracious enough to allow me the words with you!

My name is Nancy Shields and I am creator/founder of; a social networking site for women with an inspirational flair. The site is set up in order for women to actually meet. Share their stories with each other and inspire one another. They fill out a short profile and when they will be matched with other women in their geographical area with like interests. I also write inspirational blogs on my site and even better have a place where women can share their stories of encouragement in the “Your Voice” section. This is where I invite you to inspire others with your stories of hope. I have Peter Kane, “The Monogamy Doctor” on my site and he provides articles every few weeks on monogamy. I also have Erin Williams, “Healing with Erin” on hand for anyone that needs and desires healing. She too is a guest blogger.

There is something bigger and grander behind this site. My ultimate dream is to build transitional apartments for women and their children. I ultimately would desire this to be a nationwide project – building small communities of women; 20-40 units, have a daycare on site with counselors and outdoor activities for the children. Shelters do not teach – they just encourage more of the same. My philosophy is if you teach someone to fish, they will never go hungry. My goal is to keep these women for 1 year and have them receive their GED, teach them to budget their money, help them get jobs, purchase a car if they need one, stop the insanity of making the same mistakes with relationships over and over again.

By teaching women, my greatest hope is that the dysfunction will not be passed unto the children. After 1 year they graduate from the program and then they come in every 3 months, like a car gets maintenance, so do the women. Maintenance is for a 1 year term. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, by breaking patterns and teaching instead of just providing, this should change the patterns.

I’ve had this dream in my heart for about 10 years and I will not let it go until I can get Nancy’s Dream Transitional Homes built one home at a time.

Thank you Edward for allowing me to share my dream in order to help others!

-Nancy Shields

‎”We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own
destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams.” ~ Les Brown

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Thank you Nancy for sharing your dream with us all.

Visit here new site at:

The reminder that we have such great power within us to choose the direction of our lives.

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Make it a great day!

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