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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Clare Kelway.

I first met Clare in 2010 through the TSA – Tribe Syndication Association a community of fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers, and leaders who inspire, encourage, and help each other build relationships and drive traffic to their blogs. She is an entrepreneur, business owner, mom, and inspiration for many to know that they can live their dreams too. Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to the U.S. where she has been able to thrive and grow over the past two years. A true networker, with a big heart, she loves connecting with people and connecting them with each other. This shines through in all that she does.

Please join me in celebrating The GREAT Clare Kelway as she shares the rest of her dream with us today.

Clare Kelway – Share Your DREAM Friday

What a blessing to be asked to share my dream on “Share your Dream Friday”. Thank you Edward for inviting me here and giving me this opportunity to share my passion and dream for changing lives. I met Edward Elliott six months ago when I joined the TSA – Tribe Syndication Association. I was immediately impressed by Edward’s passion for helping other people move towards success. I am grateful for everything that Edward does to highlight so many incredible stories and dreams.

I am the Founder of Mastermind to Wealth. This is a project aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world into a professional mastermind group. The purpose of Mastermind to Wealth is to harness the power of the collective mind.

This project started as my desire to reach out and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs. Having moved from the UK two years ago, I felt isolated working from home and I knew that there were other talented entrepreneurs feeling the same way. I have a background in holistic health and I ran a clinic in Bio-Energetic Medicine in London, UK for several years before moving to Seattle.

I was sitting at my desk feeling alone one day in Spring 2010 when I came across a book called “Meet and Grow Rich” by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler. This book inspired me to study the mastermind concept and find out why the mastermind has been the way that almost every great discovery and entrepreneurial success has come about in history. It is not merely the coming together of a group of people every week, but the methodology used to bring this group of people together. And so Mastermind to Wealth was born.

In practical terms, we provide a virtual space at a virtual table where seven people including a professional facilitator meet to mastermind. The meetings take place once a week and the purpose of this meeting is to contribute to each participant’s business, learn to think laterally and hear what your fellow mastermind partners are saying about your business.

As a result of Mastermind to Wealth, I have watched friendships blossom and business connections grow. Our participants are either using the internet to build their business or they may be more traditional offline entrepreneurs. Each meeting is facilitated by a professional facilitator who knows how to ensure that the meeting flows in a structured way and that each participant is given their time to present and receive input from the group.

We follow a proven structure that has been instrumental in creating millionaires over decades.

My greater dream for this project is to see our concept incorporated into many organizations where we can train and teach facilitators to share the power of the mastermind. Not only can our mastermind concept help entrepreneurs create success but it can affect change in disadvantaged communities across the globe.
Some of the benefits of the mastermind group is that it enables you to feel part of a consultative team; it enhances your thinking power; it increases creativity; it brings accountability to your week and lifts your spirits. You have a core team of people who you can call your trusted advisors. Feeling safe and having a confidential space to discuss matters is also a fundamental benefit of the mastermind. One-on-one meetings often take place between participants during the week to discuss opportunities or issues more deeply. I believe there are less than six degrees of separation between us all and the mastermind is helping to connect us in ways that are deeper and more meaningful.

The mastermind has had a profound effect on my life. I have started a wellness project that is enabling me to extend and continue my passion for helping people with their health.

How did the mastermind bring about this second project? I believe it is the power of the collective mind that enables us to tap into greater sources and that our intention for our lives is met faster and more effectively.

As a health professional working in my clinic, I was able to help people one at a time. Now I am able to influence many people as I share the message of a new scientific breakthrough in cellular health. This is a quantum shift and this is part of my DREAM to help to eradicate the curse of the modern age: chronic disease.

I believe that GOD created us all to be whole and live a full and fulfilling life. He did not intend for us to be crippled by chronic diseases. There is nothing more distressing to me than meeting people afflicted by disease that is preventing them from fulfilling their dreams. It is my dream to be able to help them to make changes that will restore equilibrium and restore their vitality.

And therefore it is my DREAM to create quantum positive change in people’s lives whether through the power of the mastermind or through exposure to a science discovery that helps to restore their health.

Together we are always better and I am profoundly grateful to Edward Elliott for all that he does to encourage people to Share Their Dreams.

– Clare Kelway

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