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I had the great pleasure to meet Mr. AWESOME Chris Stewart a couple of weeks back on Facebook when he shared his wisdom and insights on one of my video posts.

We connected and as I do with all of my new friends I ask to connect with them on skype or the phone to get to know each other more and see how we can add value to each others life. Every friendship and connection is important to me and should be to you too.

After about a week we aligned our schedules and found a time to talk over skype. What an awesome conversation we had. We shared our stories, wisdom, insights, and dreams of the future lifes that we are going to live. It was like old friends that just got back together to catch up on what has been happening in our lives. It is such a blessing when you find relationships like this.

On his journey of personal development he has studied with some of the best, Tony Robbins, Jim Collins, Steven Covey, Dr. Wayne Dyer to name a few.

Like myself, he is mostly an introvert with not much use for small talk!

He is a husband, dad, and lover of life which shines through in everything that he shares.

His work on personal branding, web development, and positioning for your business is second to none.

Please join me in celebrating my new friend Mr. AWESOME Chris as he shares his dream with us.

Mr. AWESOME Chris Stewart – Share Your DREAM Friday

Thanks to the Great Edward for pushing me outside my comfort zone and sharing my first facebook video with the world!

My name is Chris Stewart I am a father, husband of 17 years, lifelong learner, web developer, marketing consultant, graphic designer and owner of, but in a nutshell someone just like you that wants more in life. Today I would like to talk to you about my dreams of travel, cruise ships, an amazing relationship, helping people, building a successful business, shooting for the moon, but most importantly; becoming fearless.

Becoming fearless is the key to unlocking the bulk of my dreams, and yours too. I need to become fearless in every area of my life. The more I learn about me and humanity; the more I realize how it lies, cheats and steals. It holds us back, it limits our thinking, it destroys our ability to dream and see beyond our comfort zones. Fear is the part of us that says, No I can’t, No I won’t, I’m not smart enough, or good enough.

Many think fear is intuition, or a gut feeling, and something to trust, but in reality it’s commonly referred to as our demons or the devil. Fear comes from a tiny part of our inner brain that once served us in our evolutionary path, and still does, but more times than not is the source of our lies and anxiety. Fear is the root of all evil and despair in our lives. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is the strongest emotion we feel other than love, but fear doesn’t have to control our lives. We don’t have to be slaves of our fear.

In my video I discuss fear, what I have learned about it and how I am consciously re-programming my brain to overcome it. I hope my thoughts and dream of becoming fearless inspire you to conquer your fears too.

We are meant for so much more, we have so much inside us, so much to give, so much to receive and I believe the key to unlocking it all, is to become fearless.

To all my fellow dreamers out there, I would like to encourage you to add me on Facebook and learn more about my web-development and marketing services by visiting me at: I am passionate about personal development, passionate about helping people, passionate for excellence and passionate to see if I can help you achieve your dreams as well. Let’s be awesome! Let’s be fearless! Let’s change our minds! Let’s change our lives! Let’s change the world!

Thanks again to the GREAT Edward Elliott for allowing me to share my dreams and being a warrior in the fight to help us become all that we can be.

Chris Stewart
C: 417-350-0640
L: 417-595-4303

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Thank you Awesome Chris for sharing your dream with us all.

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Until next week… Keep Your DREAM Alive!

Make it a great day!

God Bless,

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