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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Charles Allen II.

I had the pleasure of meeting Charles on Facebook through the Tribe Syndication Association (TSA) back in November of 2010.

We connected with each other and spoke on skype sharing our passions for our purpose, vision, and dreams in our lives.

This was a time where Charles was about to become a new father within a months time. December came and his son was born. He has been a great blessing in his and his wifes lives. A family now as one.

He is a passionate business man with a big plan and vision. Once he puts his mind to something he goes for it and gets it done. The first person that I have met that has a 90 year plan and executing on it every day making it a reality in his and his families life.

Please join me in celebrating Charles Allen II as he shares the rest of his dream with us today.

The GREAT Charles Allen II – Share Your DREAM Friday

First off I have to say thanks Edward Elliott for allowing many of us to share our dream with the Universe. It is a blessing being featured on “Share Your DREAM Friday”. The truth behind my life and vision started when I was selling and leasing private jets for a small firm. The experience introduced me to some of the wealthier people in the world. Most of them had mind set of prosperity and loving spirit that surrounded them. However, there were some individuals that I wouldn’t care to be around in million years. On my journey it open my eye’s to the formula for abundant living is based on the principles of quantum physics, truly powerful forces that can help you make your dreams come true.

When I discovered the power that was inside of me all these years it took me by storm. Reading the Bible it talks about in Mark 11:24 I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. To grab hold of that statement meant the world to me in my vision and dream. It helped me to think outside the box and take action on building my dream 4 years ago.

My dream 4 years ago was to be able to work from a laptop and cell phone. Never did I think of a Blackberry that could receive e-mails and international calls. I worked long hours as a Senior Sales Executive to keep clients and sign up new once. I wanted out of the rat-race of Corporate America it felt more like slave ship that would never end. In my Dream I wanted to travel and train other to sale products from home. In this vision I would have the confidence, skill set, knowledge, and ability to show others how to be successful in building business from home. At the time I didn’t know anything about Affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, and Pay per click.

Now, I’m living my Dream I’m able to enjoy my time with new born son and family. My vision 4 years ago has become a reality of long hard work and training to get to this point. In 2011, God has given me a greater vision to share the same educations and training with more people. My goal is to take 7 people this year help them build leverage with skill set of marketing online and offline. Team Synergy will be a group of marketers that come together to help each other build multiple income streams of businesses from home. These individuals will bring different skill set together to help each other build empire. This same individual would have heart to give to others is form of setting the second Foundations in Latin America to share resources to bless others in need. I would like to bless 2 people with a trip to Africa Ghana to visit our First Foundation called A.I.M that helps to share The Gospel, Empower and educate others.

That last part of my vision is being the best father I can be and husband to my wife. Growing into a well rounded man that loves God and his family. I truly believe if we have a dream, we can achieve those exact results. It is important to paint the pictures of how you want yourself to be, look, feel and act. Create a vivid image of the total package just as you desire it, and then hold it close in your mind. Move within it, live it, feel it, and believe it. Let yourself envision the experience many times a day and you’ll become it!

Thanks for allow me to share my Dream with you all…

To your Success,

Charles Allen II

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