The GREAT Dr. Erica Goodstone

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Live Your DREAM Monday!

This is a place where previous Special Guest Dreamers from Share Your DREAM Friday are interviewed by myself and share with you:

  1. What has happened in her life since she was featured on Share Your DREAM Friday?
  2. What opportunities have shown up? How have they impacted her journey towards her dreams?
  3. What obstacles and challenges have come her way? How did she overcome them?
  4. What she does on a daily basis to continue to move her towards her dreams?

Grab your pen and a notebook.

Be prepared to learn what it takes to Live Your DREAMS

Please join me in welcoming my good friend The GREAT Dr. Erica Goodstone as she shows us how she is Living her dreams and you can too!

The GREAT Dr. Erica Goodstone – Live Your DREAM Monday

Thanks so much Dr. Erica, for sharing your experiences with us as you journey living out the life of your dreams on purpose.

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