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Happy Friday!

What an awesome week! Hard to believe it’s Friday again!

How does it get any better than this?

After being back from Austin Tx. there has been some amazing shifts happening in my life. You never know what opportunities are going to show up, and how where they have the potential to take you. An AMAZING one showed up for me and I am moving forward with it. Check out the details HERE! Join me on this new journey!

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How did I get so Lucky?

Now for today’s installment of …

Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Dani Nir-McGrath!

I first met Dani on Facebook back in October 2010!

She instantly caught my attention with her blog post: Dare To Dream!

How could I not notice a post called Dare To Dream! At the time, it was the tag line for The DREAM Project and Share Your DREAM Friday.

We quickly made a connection and started sharing with each other.

Through many twists in the roads of her journey, Dani is here now to share with you.

Please join me in celebrating Dani as she shares her story and dream with us today.

The GREAT Dani Nir-McGrath – Share Your DREAM Friday

What an honor it is for me to be featured on Share Your Dream Friday! The Great Edward and I met nearly a year ago on Facebook when I coincidentally shared a blog post I’d written on daring to dream. Meeting Edward was just the encouragement that I personally needed to develop my dream that I’d been conjuring up for quite some time!

I’m a psychotherapist by trade and spent many years working in non profits building relationships and encouraging people to grow to their fullest potential. I worked my way up to several leadership positions and had the privilege to provide guidance, support and training to the agency. Then, when I became a new mom, I realized that being with my own children was where my heart belonged…but at the same time, I needed an income and an outlet for my talents and drive!

It was at that point that I saw the potential of being an entrepreneur. As a new home business owner, I had a steep learning curve and hit many bumps in the road. For years, I didn’t have the mentoring that I needed. Despite not having the formal coaching, I met many amazing leaders along the way who offered guidance.

Through my journey, my dream came into existence. I knew that I wanted to provide the same support to other women entrepreneurs as I’d received. Knowing the limitations of my personal time, my dream is to create a community and network for mompreneurs. A place for guidance, accountability, and information to help them narrow the learning curve and achieve success in the industry.

A huge thank you to Edward and Julie for providing me an opportunity to share my dream and to be a part of their circle! You are amazing!

Dani Nir-McGrath

Thanks so much Dani, for sharing your story and dream with us today.

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