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Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Renee Burns Horaney!

I had the blessing of connecting with Renee on Facebook a few months back and had a chance to talk with her, hear her story, heart, and dreams.

As a young child, she was very shy but at the same time had a drive inside of her to fight for herself. During this time, as most of us do, she created a false believe about herself that stuck with her for well over 30 years.

Renee knew that she could always create what she wanted in her head, but it wasn’t always easy to create in your heart and her beliefs would hold her back. She continued to search for answers.

A few months back the answers appeared. She came across a group of people who totally transformed her beliefs and her life. Her search for positive minded people had manifested and she was introduced to the idea of Law Of Attraction. Taking her life and her thoughts into a 180 turn has her on the path to living the life of her dreams.

Please join me in celebrating Renee as she shares her passion and dream with us today.

The GREAT Renee Burns Horaney – Share Your DREAM Friday

My dream is not something specific that you can experience with the five senses. My dream is to change the way people think.

Now, before you think I’m in to mind control or something crazy, let me explain. Most people just kind of cruise through their days without giving much consideration to their thoughts. Some people believe they can’t control their thoughts. Most people don’t realize the power of their thoughts. But the reality is that our thoughts are everything!

Every thing in your life is a result of your thoughts. We manifest our reality through the power of our thoughts. It’s called the “Law of Attraction”. If you are not educated about the law of attraction yet, I highly recommend that you Google the subject today.

I am acutely aware of how the law of attraction works and I make an effort to control my thoughts every day. But my dream is not to teach you about the law of attraction. There are many other wonderful resources available to help you with that.

My dream is to help you think in a whole new way. A couple of years ago I discovered that when I am facing an obstacle and I can’t seem to resolve the problem, if I look at the problem from the exact opposite point of view, that is where I find the solution.

I call this “180 degree thinking”. As an example, let’s say you are trying to convince your boss to give you a raise. In your mind, you may be thinking you need a raise because your car insurance premium is going up, gas prices are insane and you don’t have enough cash to take a short vacation. Those are all very solid reasons for needing more money. However, are any of those reasons going to inspire your boss to pay you more? Not likely. So 180 degree thinking would be to look at this problem from the opposite point of view, in other words, from your boss’s point of view. Your boss only has a limited amount of money in the budget to pay you and your coworkers. To persuade her to part with some of that money, you need to give your boss solid reasons to do so. You might say “I believe I have been of great value to this department. I have supported my coworkers and my going green initiative saved us $3,500 last year. I believe that a $1,500 raise would be fair.” You get the idea.

Now, that example of 180 degree thinking is pretty straight forward. But let me give you an example that will have an even greater impact on your life. Do a 180 on your beliefs about yourself. Take a piece of paper and write down a description of yourself. List everything you can think of. Then look at the list and notice the attributes that are not positive. Are they factual? Let’s say you were a C student in school. Did you label yourself in some way? Do you believe you are not a good student? Do you believe you are not as smart as the A students?

Now, do a 180 on these thoughts. If you labeled yourself “unintelligent”, turn it around and start saying, “I am intelligent. I am just as smart as anyone else.” It won’t be long before you realize that now you are making smarter decisions. People are recognizing your great ideas. More people are respecting you and turning to you for guidance.

Sounds easy enough, right? Of course it is. Here’s a tough one for you. Do a 180 on OTHER people’s thoughts. When you have a difference of opinion with someone, instead of waiting for them to stop talking so you can make your point, truly listen to them. Then look at the situation from their perspective. Here’s an example, let’s say your husband has the opportunity to receive a huge promotion at work. He’s really excited about this. He says to you, “All of my hard work has finally paid off. If I take this promotion I will get a 100% raise. This will help us pay off our debts and it will position me to climb the ladder even more in the future, but we need to move across the country.” He’s looking at this from his point of view. But you, all you can think is “He wants me to leave my hometown, where all of my family and friends are? He wants to uproot the kids from this great school system? We just bought this house four years ago. In this economy, we are sure to lose a lot of money. I think he should pass this up. We should be smart about this.”

What would a 180 look like in that situation? Well, the opposite of resistance is acceptance. What would happen if you said “Congratulations! I am so proud of you!! It will be a challenge to move, but this is what’s best for your career, so I am willing to embrace it. I know you will take great care of us.” What might his response be? He will feel empowered. He will feel respected, trusted and loved by you.

Now, imagine what his response would be if you said what you were initially thinking. Your first response was fear-based. All of the possible problems sprung to mind before anything else. This is human nature. We all do this. But how has that worked for us? If you stated all of YOUR fears, he would feel attacked. He would feel you don’t trust him, that you are not proud of him, etc. Try this. It’s not easy. I know. But it works.

Now imagine this, what if OTHER people did a 180 on your ideas? Instead of resisting your ideas, what if your spouse embraced your ideas? What if we all did a 180 on everything? We’d live in a very different world, I can assure you. We would have a better economy. We would have more successful relationships. We would have more peace.

Being 180-minded is being open minded. It is living in love. It is treating people with respect. This is how we can all make our dreams come true.

I would like to thank Edward Elliott for the opportunity to share my dream with you. This matters a great deal to me, but I’m not sure if I would have payed attention to how much it matters to me if I wasn’t faced with the challenge of identifying my dream. Thanks again Edward. You Rock!

Renee Burns Horaney

Thanks so much Renee, for sharing your story and dream with us today.

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