The GREAT Edward here, Special Anniversary Edition!

Happy Friday!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

Welcome to this weeks Special One Year Anniversary Installment of…

Share Your DREAM Friday


It is hard to believe that it was one year ago that the first Special Guest Dreamer shared their dream with the world on Share Your DREAM Friday!

A Great BIG Thank You! to all the Special Guest Dreamers, Fans, Supporters, and Followers of this Movement!

You have each touched my life and the life of my family in wonderful and amazing ways.

Special Thanks to…

The GREAT Sarah Hilton for inviting us to be part of her dream back in April 2010 and allowing me the opportunity to believe that anything is possible.

The GREAT Patrick McIntosh for being the motivation behind this movement by sharing your dreams with Julie and I back in June 2010.

My AWESOME wife Julie Ann Elliott for standing by me, believing in me, and encouraging me to always pursue my passions and dreams.

Today we Celebrate this amazing milestone by showcasing the 73 people who have shared their dreams in the past year with a Tribute to each of them for having the courage and strength to stand up, be heard, share their dreams, and live their dream lives today.

How did I get so lucky?

As we journey into the next year of Share Your DREAM Friday and The DREAM Project, we will continue to invite and grow our community of Special Guest Dreamers and offer even more opportunities to Share and Live the Life of Your DREAMS!

Let’s PARTY!

Share Your DREAM Friday – Special One Year Anniversary Edition!

Start Living Your Dream Life Today!

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Check out what these Special Guest Dreamer Alumni have to say about their experience with Share Your DREAM Friday…

The GREAT Nicole Rushin

Nicole Rushin
Check out Nicole’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT David H Paul

David H Paul
Check out David’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Avram Gonzales aka Mr. InspirACTION

Avram GonzalesThere’s something really special about speaking to your dreams and desires. They’re imbued with extra juice when you share them with others, and especially such a large group of inspiring people found within the Share Your Dream Friday community and following. Not only can you find inspiration in the many people standing up and sharing their dreams – you’d be surprised at what may manifest by getting up and sharing yours 😉 Take a leap of faith. Jump out of your comfort zone! You never know who you might inspire, or how you may change or influence someone’s life forever! Check out Avram’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Nathalie Villeneuve

Nathalie VilleneuveI shared my dream on my birthday on May 13 and I’m so glad I did… It helped me define and clarify my dream. I think we all get caught up over-thinking our dream. I feel for some people, it might come a little easier then others to identify and share their dream but either way, it’s so worth it… I love what Nicole said in her video about getting sucked in other people’s dream. I think that the main reason why you should share your dream is so you are clear on your own happiness and certain that you are working towards YOUR dream…not anyone else’s dream. It’s such a simple concept and yet so powerful! Thank you Edward…You Rock my friend..Love ya!!! A big shout out to all my fellow dreamers and the ones still to come!!!
Check out Nathalie’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Lesly Federici

Lesly FedericiShare Your Dream Fridays highlights the lives of so many people – people you most likely would never come across in your lifetime. It provides an opportunity to see what others are doing in their lives and by doing so ignites your own incredible possibilities. Motivation, Inspiration, and hope for what can be in your life radiates through this program. If you get an opportunity to share YOUR dreams with Edward, DO IT! I was a guest and it was a really meaningful experience to share who I am with the world. Thank you Edward for the opportunity! Check out Lesly’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Christopher Marsh

Christopher MarshThank you Ed!!! Hey! I wanted to share a few words with anyone and everyone reading this. Share your Dream Friday is much more then just sharing your dream. You are literally planting your own seed inside of you and and by sharing it you are starting the growing process. My goo….. wait let me rephrase this. My GREAT friend and brother Ed invited me to take part in Share your Dream Friday a little less then a year ago. After sharing my dream, the seed has begone to grow. I have a dream of being a speaker and coach, I am now seeing my seed blossom because through my MLM I am coaching my team and speaking to groups of people! I can’t wait to see how big or what my seed will blossom into, but I can tell you this. Edward Elliott you are an AMAZING human being and I have nothing but love and appreciation for you. Thank you for letting me share my dream because my dream is helping other peoples dreams come true. Thank you Brother!!! Check out Christopher’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Patrick McIntosh

Patrick McIntoshWhen I saw what Ed and Julie were doing with their dreams and encouraging others, I decided to share mine and put it on his site for a post. I wanted others to help by keeping me accountable to my dreams of skiing and helping athletes and going to the entire World Cup in Brazil in 2014. I was the first to share my dream. I guess I helped light the fuse of the powder keg of dreamers. What a great party this has become! Total awesomeness!
Thanks Ed! Check out Patrick’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Lidia Abadia

Lidia AbadiaThere are things in life you want to do, things you should do, and things you must do. If you want to live your life fully and see your dreams come to reality than the things you must do is speak them and write them down. And so being a part of the Share Your Dream project was magical in it that speaking my dreams into the camera and then to share your dream community made my dreams unfold into reality. I recommend everyone take this opportunity and share their dreams with this very supportive and safe community. Everyone I’ve met from Share Your Dream Friday community has been a delight and a true friend and colleague, especially Edward and Julie!!! Check out Lidia’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Wendy Hewlett

Wendy HewlettI’ve been a fan of the Share Your Dream Friday episodes on Edward’s Blog almost from the beginning. Edward is providing a platform not only for people to share their dreams, but to begin to manifest those dreams. Putting your heart’s desires in front of a multitude has the tendency to help those dreams along. It solidifies them and you begin to attract opportunities and circumstances to help those dreams flow into reality.
The addition of Live Your Dream Monday, where Edward interviews past Share Your Dream Guests to follow up on how they have been doing since the original episode, was absolutely brilliant. It has reinforced that sharing your dreams makes a difference in attaining those dreams. You may find that you were on the wrong path and your dreams have changed to encompass your true passions or you may suddenly find that things start to happen to make those dreams reality.
The ‘Dream Project’ has been a major success and I hope that Edward continues his selfless service to helping people around the globe achieve their goals and dreams. Check out Wendy’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Donna Merrill

Donna MerrillI know Edward well. In fact, on his way home he took the time to stop by my house and spend some time with me and my husband. (and he was on a long ride) That’s the kind of man he is. A man of his word.
When Edward created Share Your Dream Friday, I had an AHA moment. I recall thinking to myself that here is a man who is dedicated and is taking action with others to come out of their shells and speak truth. After all, dreams are usually kept like a post-it in your mind and the word never gets out, therefore no action is taken.
Edward provides an incredible service to us all. Let’s not forget his other half Julie who is absolutely wonderful!
I just love you guys and am blessed to have you in my life. Check out Donna’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Matt Geib

Matt GeibThis Community & Calling ‘To Live & Share’ my Dream has truly been Life transforming for me since I first took the plunge, made the commitment, & then shared the WORDS of my Dream from my heart in early December 2010. Even as The Creator spoke the worlds into existence, we as his sons & daughters have that same Power if we will but, step up and Speak! I have found an amazing acceleration and propelling toward those things I spoke in these past 5 short months. I feel as though I am being Borne along in a call toward excellence & service that is growing & expanding each day. What an an exciting time to Live! Thank you Edward the Great for inspiring us all! Check out Matt’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Sandhan

SandhanWhat a wonderful idea Edward had to give anyone who would like a platform to not only share their dream and potentially reach others out there with whom to connect, but also stick our necks out and make ourselves accountable by declaring it to the Universe! There’s such a magnetic force that pulls us towards it when we stand up and make a public declaration of who we are and what we stand for…
Edward… and Julie…. so delighted to share this Life Journey with you and the other Dreamers. This group makes possible one of my favourite quotes~ we are “proposing to Existence”!
“I have always been a dreamer but in my experience that which I have dreamed has always come to pass…. it was just a proposition to Existence” Osho. Check out Sandhan’s Dream HERE!

The GREAT Peter Pocklington

Peter PocklingtonThis is one of the most powerful initiatives I have ever been involved in. The people who have had the courage to share have all been amazing. Dreaming is easy, it’s the doing that accompanies their dreams that I salute. Capturing a dream on video gives it a life of its own. “Speaking into Storms” as per Joe Schroeder and another set of great alumni at The Million Mind March. Check out Peter’s Dream HERE!

Watch for exciting new opportunities to share and live the life of your dreams coming from The DREAM Project and Share Your DREAM Friday this year!

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