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It is with great pleasure that I bring to you today’s Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Monick Halm.

I recently met Monick on Facebook through the Tribe Syndication Association (TSA).

She is a wife and new mother who is passionate about living her dreams and helping others to do the same.

Her dream has been in the making since she was inspired by a book that she read when she was 18 years old.

Following the path and becoming a successful lawyer, she woke one day to a personal tragedy and realized that she was no longer on the road to her dream life and it.

She knew it was time for a change and her journey towards her current life and dream began.

Please join me in celebrating Monick as she shares her dream with us today.

The GREAT Monick Halm – Share Your DREAM Friday

I’d like to thank the Great Edward Elliott for allowing me to Share My Dream today. This is a particularly appropriate week to be doing this because just yesterday I made a MAJOR though SCARY step in the direction of my dream. I’ll share all about that in a second, but first I want to tell you about my dream.
My dream was born when I read a chapter in a book when I was 18. I think the book was Super Thinking by Edward de Bono, but I can’t remember for sure. Alas, 18 was half my life ago. Anyway, in this chapter the author explains his theory about living a great life. He wrote that about 10-15% of the population are “insane.” They have something wrong with their brain chemistry that prevent them from living healthy satisfying lives (e.g., schizophrenics). Another 10-15% of the population are “sane.” Sane people’s lives are happy and balanced in every fundamental way. Sane people are in relationships that are nurturing and loving, they have careers that stimulate and fulfill them, they are creatively engaged in their hobbies, communities, etc. The remaining 70-80% of the population are “unsane”. The unsane are people that have major areas of their lives that are unfulfilling and unhappy, and they stay in them even though they have the power to change. For example, unsane are in toxic relationships or soul-sucking jobs. There is no biological reason for them to live a life that is unpleasant, but despite their complaints and unhappiness they stay stuck in these dismal situations.

When I read this chapter it spoke directly to my soul and showed me two things. First, I saw that I wanted to live my own life in a way that was truly sane and authentic. Next, I realized that what I wanted more than anything in the world was to help the unsane become sane. I was only 18 at the time and I did not know that this type of work could be a career, but the idea of helping the unsane called me like a guiding star.

I learned and continue to learn everything I can about how to live a life of authentic happiness and genuine success, and I started to apply those lessons to my work and to my life. Despite my best intentions, I definitely spent more time than I’d like to admit being unsane. Now though I can proudly say that my life feels authentic, true, and sane in every way.

Now as for my work to help the unsane lead saner more fulfilling lives… I took a MAJOR step in this direction just yesterday. As some of you may know my business has been on two tracks for the past 6 months. One track, Equilawbrium, was dedicated to helping lawyers with career transitions and work-life balance issues. The other track, Life Alchemy School, teaches women simple, effective, and practical tools to achieve magical results in their lives. Life Alchemy helps women to achieve their most sane life.

Recently, I’d been struggling to balance both of these disparate courses. After a marathon session with my business coach, I realized that I needed to practice what I preach and follow the one that I was most passionate about – the one that felt the most sane – the one dedicated to helping women living their most sane lives. Even though it’s scary to give up something that I have dedicated so much time and energy to building, everything in me is telling me to focus 100% of my energy on Life Alchemy School.

So, my dreams and my work are now completely in alignment. What I do is help the unsane lead sane and exquisite lives. I know that being unsane is a condition that can be changed, but I also know that if it were easy everyone would be sane. So, it definitely helps to have the proper tools and support. With my Life Alchemy School and the life coaching I offer, I provide the tools to help people tune into their inner wisdom and step-by-step dissolve the unsane and inauthentic parts of their lives and create stupendously sane satisfying lives.

Of course, my dream does not end here. My dream is that Life Alchemy School classes light a spark that sets an inferno of sanity and joy through the world. My dream is that through my teaching, coaching, speaking, and books, people take the tools and lessons they’ve learned to make their lives spectacular and act as a beacon to those around them. My dream is that one day the numbers will be reversed and 80-100% of people will be living sane lives. My dream is that you, dear reader, will take all steps necessary to unleash anything in your life that is not sane.

Monick Halm

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Thanks so much for sharing your dream with us today Monick. You are an inspiration and light to many.

To let you guys know, Monick has her next Life Alchemy Workshop course beginning this coming Monday, February 21. If this is something for you check it out here. She has been kind to offer the readers here of Share Your DREAM Friday a 15% discount on the course. Just send here an email and let her know that you came from dream Friday and she will take care of you. BTW – This is not an affiliate sale for me, just something that if you are interested in check it out. 🙂

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