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Share Your DREAM Friday!
It is with great pleasure that I bring to you todays Special Guest Dreamer The GREAT Samantha Kerik.

She is an extremely talented, passionate young lady from Alberta Canada.

Oh Yeah… another Canadian Special Guest Dreamer and for those who were wondering, she does not live in an igloo.

I had the great pleasure and blessing to meet Samantha some time ago on Facebook through some of our mutual friends and was very intrigued by her videos and style that she brings to them and shares with all of us.

After watching her personal vlog channel video where she was hanging out in a Tim Hortons, those who know me know that there is a special place in me for Timmies, where she talked about planning her year and life, I knew I had to connect and hear more about what she was up to.

She is a true charismatic leader who is on the journey towards her dreams and living her life full out along the way.

Please join me in celebrating Samantha Kerik as she shares the rest of her dream with us today.

The GREAT Samantha Kerik – Share Your DREAM Friday

There was a quote. Dream your Dreams with open eyes and let your Dreams come true. I loved this quote. I never really understood it, not to the extent that it deserves. I get the idea, The whole live your dreams thing…to not hide them snuggled up in your mind, but I’ve never ever, really hid my dreams…

This fact came with its up and downs. First of all you need to understand your Dream – Which actually took me a really long time to do. I hated myself for alot of years and all I had within those years was a little gleam of inspiration that told me I was going to be a huge influence to the world – But How? Majority of my path was just figuring out how to mold my dream! And that’s a huge part of the adventure and the story.

People make it sound easy to just jump and live your dreams. For me, I never really had a choice, I knew that I needed to tell my story, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and I knew the day I gave up on myself and being that teacher; would be the day that I would no longer be in this world. I’m a Leader, a Teacher – A little dramatic, but very, very true. I would rather die, then not live out my life purpose, and that’s just the way it is – and the reason I never have, and the reason I wont give up.

My dream is showcase my life and my journey to success. To take my audience with me on the journey from Zero to Hero. That’s how I developed and more importantly my youtube channel To entertain my audience by sharing my lessons, successes, and vulnerabilities. My Goal is to inspire my audience through experience and influence.

Its never been a question of ‘if’ I was going to be successful. I knew from day1 that I was – I just had a real hard time understanding how – After I graduated acting school, I knew my goal was the same as all the other kids, I wanted to be *FAMOUS* – but I had to do things differently – Auditions scared the living heck out of me, Agents weren’t hiring me – and be it as it was, developing that path wasn’t really attaining my goal of telling my story anyway – I was at a loss; until I found iJustine; my Trailblazer, and My Mentors The Stoiks, and people like Edward who help me to share my vision.

My plan is to be the next iJustine, work with ijustine, fall into her calibre of the internet world and really dominate the video world on the internet. To teach video, to make webmercials, host/spokesmodel and promote for companies. To create my own webcom and eventually sitcom. Which in turn would turn into a full-length feature film, and biography.

My Goal is to have a real voice in this world. A Healer, A Teacher, A Leader – through my work.
Every step I’ve taken since I was 12 years old, was to fulfil this journey, this goal, to speak up and be a trailblazer for those that follow. The world is changing and the internet is turning into a New Leading Source of Entertainment and Education. This is a world I can, and will dominate and help lead the next generation to freedom.

So, thank you so much Edward for giving me the opportunity to share my dream with you,
Always keep Smiling and Always Go after your Dreams.

In Brightest Blessings,

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