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I had the wonderful blessing of meeting The AMAZING Debbie Lattuga about six months ago from The Daily Crushers group on Facebook and now the Tribe Syndication Association (TSA). She always inspired me with her enthusiasm, open spirit, and love for life that shined through whenever we spoke.

On the journey toward my dreams, she has been there to help and support Julie and I along the way. If you have something that is blocking you from moving forward, ask Debbie about having an EFT session. You will get the tools you need to change and move through them.

She is a wife ( to the man of her dreams ) and mother to two wonderful teenage daughters; a woman who is truly living her authentic life, the life she was born to live.

Debbie has found a passion for Internet Marketing and loves the opportunity to utilize technology and software to work smarter not harder.

Please join me in celebrating my good friend Debbie Lattuga as she shares her dreams with us.

Debbie Lattuga – Share Your DREAM Friday

I am so grateful for Edward and Julie for being such great, inspirational leaders. As soon as I saw the first installment of Share Your Dream Friday I knew it would be a big hit. The biggest roadblock to living your dream is not having clarity about what it is that you truly want. And Share Your Dream Friday allows everyone to really focus their own dreams as well as share in other people’s dreams.

My name is Debbie Lattuga and I am the author of Invisible Heartstrings. I am married 20 years to the man of my dreams and have 2 wonderful teenage daughters. In 2004 my husband left his high powered job and we moved to Florida to live a more fulfilling life. He had a nice buyout from his corporate job so we bought a few pieces of real estate and looked around for a business to buy.

We found a business in the construction industry and settled into our inspired life. Fast-forward… real estate crash, lost the business, lost several homes. What a blessing! Although I had been on the path of personal development and self empowerment for many years, my husband had not, and that was a big, empty hole in my life. I wanted my honey to share in the excitement of self discovery.

During this extremely difficult time, we stumbled across The Secret. Although I had been a student of Dr. Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf and Joe Vitale for many years, I had not applied their teachings to all aspects of my life. (see above). We had a great marriage, great health, but our finances were a disaster. But now, with my husband on board, we set about changing our financial blueprint.

I studied all the great teachers, read hundreds of books, bought audio and dvd training programs and began changing our financial picture. I’ve developed tips and training tools to help people connect to their abundant lives and I am sharing those through public speaking, coaching and my blog.

I am happy to say we settled our business loan for pennies on the dollar (about half as much as they had ever settled a loan for), we short sold the houses and we are about to sell our primary home for a profit (even though it has lost two thirds of its value)

The important thing is to focus on what you want. Start with the end in mind and take small steps toward your goal. The Universe will step in and keep you on course. For more insight on connecting to your abundant life, please visit me at Invisible Heartstrings. And don’t forget to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

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Thank you Debbie for sharing your dream with us all.

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